Teacher Lesson Plans: Tuck Everlasting Characters

By Donna Cosmato

Studying character sketches for the main characters in Tuck Everlasting helps students study for tests or teachers plan lessons. Discover the key players and what their roles are.

Use this information to help study for tests and quizzes, or as research for writing projects. Here are some tidbits about Winnie Foster.

  • She lives in the Touch-Me-Not cottage with her parents and grandmother.
  • She is a ten-year old only child.
  • The other children do not play with her until after her adventure "…where before she had been too neat, too prissy; almost, somehow, too clean to be a real friend."
  • Although usually an obedient child, she becomes an accomplice in a jailbreak.
  • Given the chance for immortality, she chooses to bestows the gift upon her toad.

Man in the Yellow Suit

The author never gives the man in the yellow suit a name, but she paints a vivid word picture of his appearance and character. Use this information to answer homework or test questions about Tuck Everlasting.

  • He is a horse thief and extortionist; he schemes to make money from the sale of the “fountain of youth" spring water. He says: “I’ve got what you want, and you’ve got what I want."
  • He is described as tall and narrow with a thin gray beard; he wears a yellow suit and black hat.
  • He spies on the Tucks and discovers their secret.
  • The author compares him to a marionette.

Mae and Angus Tuck

Mae seems like the type of person described as comfortable as an old shoe.

  • Her music box is her constant companion.
  • She is big and comfortable-looking with a round face and calm brown eyes.
  • She kills the man in the yellow suit with a shot gun.
  • Angus Tuck is her husband, and Jessie and Miles are her sons.

Angus Tuck

  • He is sad looking with creased cheeks and face; he only smiles when asleep.
  • His suicide attempt failed because he is immortal.
  • The death of the man in the yellow suit fascinated him; he may have been jealous of the man’s death.
  • He views immortality as more of a curse than a gift.

Jesse and Miles Tuck

Miles is compelled to do something important with his eternal life. He says, “People go to do something useful if they’re going to take up space on the world."

  • Miles is the oldest son; just 22 years old when his life clock stopped.
  • He was married and had two children; his wife left him because he never aged.
  • He is taller than Jesse with a thin face, pale skin, and straight neatly trimmed hair.
  • He is a skilled carpenter and blacksmith, and these talents enable him to help Mae escape from jail.

Jesse Tuck

  • Seventeen-years old forever, Jesse is thin and sunburned with thick curly brown hair.
  • Although he is shabbily dressed, Winnie thinks he is handsome.
  • Jesse is a jack of all trades, master of none. He wanders aimlessly finding work wherever he can.
  • He wants Winnie to drink the spring water at age seventeen so they can marry. He gives her a tiny bottle of water to save for that day.

After studying this list of characters in Tuck Everlasting, you have a fair idea of who the players are and how their relationships intertwine. For more in-depth information about any of these characters, why not get the book and research for yourself? Alternatively, this book review has additional facts about the story and characters.


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