Cute Couplets: Writing Couplets Lesson

By Kellie Hayden

Use this couplets activity to start a fun poetry unit. Poetry does not have to be somber and serious. It can be quite fun and cute.

Couplets Activity

Starting a poetry unit writing couplets will give students confidence in their poetry writing. In addition, writing couplets can be quite fun. Students will only need paper, pencil, colored pencils, markers and creative thoughts to complete the activities. First, they need to know what a couplet is.

    What is a Couplet?

    Couplets are two lines of poetry that become a stanza in poetry. Stanzas are like "paragraphs" in poetry. These two lines can be part of a longer poem or the couplet can stand alone as a short poem. Couplets many times rhyme; however, they do not have to rhyme. The two lines in the couplet can have the same rhythm pattern or meter and complete a thought.

    Heroic Couplets

    The length of the lines in a couplet can vary. For the more advanced student, try heroic couplets. Heroic couplets use iambic pentameter. Iambic pentameter is basically when there are 10 syllables in each line. The even numbered syllables are all stressed, or each second beat in the line is stressed. The reader will hear "da DUM" in the rhythm. Each unstressed and stressed pair become a foot or iamb. Chaucer used this form in his classic Canterbury Tales.

    Steps to Writing Two Lines Poetry

    Students will write a couplet. Give them the following directions:

    Step 1 --Choose a favorite color.

    Step 2 -- Brainstorm items in your life that are silly, things that make you laugh, and/or activities that you enjoy.

    Brainstorming example:

    • green
    • slime
    • muddy puddles
    • rolling down a hill
    • cartwheels tickling

    Step 3 -- Now, write a two line poem, using rhyming couplets.

    Couplet example:

    Rolling breakneck down a slimey, green hill

    Grass tickles, the puddle awaits my spill

    Step 4 -- Write the couplet neatly on a piece of white paper. Illustrate the poem. Ask students to share their poems and then post them in the classroom. The student artwork and couplets will brighten any classroom.

    Add your best or silly couplets to the comment section.

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