Preschool Crafts on the Color Black

By J.B.

Explore hands on ways to teach students of the color black. Learn about preschool crafts using black to help teach your students.

Learning your colors is an important process in the preschool and early childhood education curriculum. Learning colors is one of the first things students will learn. A beneficial way to explore color is by creating preschool crafts. Black color craft ideas are included in this article and will have your students about this fabulous color in no time.

Rainbow Scratch Art

Rainbow Scratch Art

This is a simple project that has amazing results. For this preschool craft the only materials your students need is a tub of crayons, a piece of plain paper, and a toothpick!


Step One:

Ask your students to color their entire page of paper using the colored crayons. The brighter the colors used, the better the results. The only color students cannot use is black. Allow the students to color their page however they like. They can draw pictures but you will not see them as an end result, so I suggest that a plain rainbow pattern is easiest.

Step Two:

Once the students have covered their page completely with bright colors, it is then time to use the black crayon. Despite the questions your students are going to ask, have them color over their entire picture with black crayon. Sometimes it can be beneficial to push a little harder with the black color. It is okay to see some of the color shining through the black; this will only enhance the end result.

Step Three:

When the black coat is finished on their picture they can start the scratching job. Supply the students with a scratching tool. This needs to be something not too sharp, as we don’t want any hazards, and we also do not want the tool to poke through the paper. A toothpick can work well, a spoon end, or a Popsicle stick may work if used on an angle.


Step Four:

Now is when the students can use their creative minds and create a picture using the scratching technique! They could draw a nature setting, or shapes, or people. Let them be creative and scratch out their own design.

Black Color Collage

Color Collage

Help your students make a color collage. This is a great way for students to learn their colors. Today we focus on the color black. Spend an afternoon searching the classroom and the outdoors for black colored objects. This step can be skipped if you supply the students with black colored items instead. Some black items may be pom-poms, googley eyes, pipe cleaner, feathers, beads, or pieces of black construction paper.

Give your students a plain piece of construction or card stock paper. Ask the students to glue the black colored items to their paper. Put the title ‘BLACK’ at the top of the page. Now your students have a reminder of items in the color black.

Another alternative to this craft is to have the students paint the items supplied with black paint. This can be a little easier on the teacher, as it may be hard to find black items that can glue onto a piece of paper. Spaghetti noodles make a fun and cheap solution for this craft.

Black Spider

The final example of a black preschool craft is the fun black spider! This craft is best for older students; however, you can pre-cut the materials needed in advance for the students.

Your students will need:

  • Egg carton body - two or three egg holders work best
  • Pipe cleaners for legs - as many as eight 'legs'
  • Googely eyes
  • Black paint, marker, or Crayon
  • Scissors
  • Black decorations students may want to add to their spider - pom-poms, beads, feathers, etc.

Step One

Paint, or color the egg carton body in a black color. Pierce holes into egg carton, about 2 Cm's from the bottom. These will be the holes of the pipe cleaner legs. This step can be pre--done by teachers to avoid the use of scissors with the students.

Step Two

Cut the pipe cleaners into small strips, 2" long is perfect. Pop the new 'legs' into the cut holes and fold the pipe cleaner to form a spider's leg look.

Step Three

Add eyes to the spider and any other black decorations the students desire.


You now have a friendly black spider.

It is very important for preschoolers to learn their colors. This article has provided your class with many different crafts focusing on the color black. These black preschool crafts are fun for all preschoolers and teachers. Have fun and be creative!

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