Preschool Activities on Corduroy the Teddy Bear

By Keren Perles

Children love the story of Corduroy, the bear searching for a button. Try some of these activities with your preschool class to help students relate to this classic children’s book.

Introducing the Book

Before reading Corduroy by Don Freeman with students, make sure they understand what a department store is and what they can buy there. Then tell them that you will be reading a story about a teddy bear who is waiting to be bought from a department store. Then read them the classic story of “Corduroy."

Button Activities

Button activities can be the perfect preschool activities after reading “Corduroy," due to the importance of Corduroy’s button to the storyline. For example, you might have students string buttons together to make button jewelry. Alternatively, you can use buttons in a counting exercise. Scatter buttons around the room and have students collect as many as they can. Then help them to count how many buttons they collected.


In the book “Corduroy," Corduroy’s button falls off and needs to be sewn back on. To reinforce this concept, help students make sewing cards by cutting cardboard into interesting shapes. Then show them how to safely use a hole puncher to punch individual holes around the edge of each shape. Give each student a length of yarn and show them how to thread the yarn in and out of the holes. This activity helps their hand-eye coordination as well.

Paper Pocket

Give each student two pieces of construction paper, and have them cut one of them into the shape of a large pocket. Show them how to apply glue to the edges (all but one) to attach the pocket to the other piece of paper. Encourage them to decorate their pockets after they dry. Then give them old magazines and help them to cut out pictures of objects that they like or that relate to them. Show them how to place the pictures into their pockets. Then have them take turns explaining which pictures they chose to put in their pockets and why.

These “Corduroy" lesson plans will help your students enjoy Don Freeman’s classic book, and they’ll give your students some fun crafts to take home as well.

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