A Review of the A Beka Preschool Curriculum

By wahmbrenda

Learn more about what to expect if you choose to use A Beka K3 or A Beka K4. Here, the A Beka preschool curriculum is reviewed from a parent's perspective.

While there a lot of people who are already familiar with the A Beka K-12 curriculum, you should also know that there is also an A Beka preschool curriculum available as well. This may be something you would like to look into for your preschooler. However, there are some things that you should know about this preschool curriculum before deciding to purchase it for your homeschool.

The 3-Year-Old Program

The A Beka preschool curriculum for 3-year-olds is both colorful and engaging. However, some parents do say that there is not enough to do with each activity. Children are simply asked to do a small amount of coloring, cutting and gluing.

Button Bear

A Beka has created a Button Bear and an Animal Alphabet Friends CD to help children learn their numbers, as well as letters and their sounds. Children will love to read these books and can easily learn to sing these songs. However, you may wish to supplement these with a set of alphabet cards from your local dollar store if you want your preschooler to have a really sound foundation in these areas. Your other option is to purchase the language development cards from the K4 program to use with the K3 program.

Arts And Crafts With Amber Lamb

If you are seeking child directed crafts, these are not what you are looking for. While you will be told what your child should do, which makes it great for teaching directions, the book will grow old fast. There is not a lot of time spent in coloring, doing critical thinking or being creative. As such, you could say that these are crafts, not art.

How The Program Works

Regardless as to whether you are teaching K3 or K4, you will need to spend about 30 minutes each day teaching your child the program. You will then need to take an additional 10 to 15 minutes to prepare for the next day’s lesson. This is important because this is a parent taught program that uses books to reinforce what you have already taught your child that day.

Christian Influences

You will find recognition of God and the Christian faith throughout this program. These are not really instructive parts of the course but simply illustrations that are used within the workbook itself. In fact, if you do choose to use the Christian parts of this curriculum you will simply have your child do simple things like read about Joseph’s coat of many colors and then pasting his already colored coat on him. Of course, these activities are optional and the program is still very good if you choose not to do these activities with your child.

A Final Word

The A Beka preschool curriculum is great if you want to prepare your child for school. However, it does have some drawbacks that you should know of before you buy and start using it.

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