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7 Educational Group Activities for Homeschoolers

By Donna Clarke

Part of the fun of homeschooling is the freedom to take educational trips. Where to go, and how to plan them doesn't have to be stressful. Being focused as to the motivations behind the activity is all you need to put together the perfect activity.

Activities With A Purpose

Sure homeschool group activities and field trips should be fun, but the key to a successfully homeschool activity is simple: They should be memorable, meaningful and purposeful. Here are several suggestions for you to try on your own.

Activity #1: Visit A Working Farm

Take some time and visit a working farm. What a fabulous place for your kids to see where our food actually comes from! Some working farms allow you to help milk the cows and participate in the day to day chores of the farm. Fun, educational and truly enlightening, spending a day at a working farm will change the way your child sees food, and help them gain a true understanding and respect for those who provide the ingredients for the foods we need to survive.

Activity #2: Visit A Senior Center

History is never boring when told from the perspective of those who actually lived it! Visit a local senior center as part of your homeschool group activities and provide your children the unique opportunity to live history through the wonderful people who experienced it. Not only will your child gain insight into some truly exciting times, but the seniors with whom they spend time will enjoy the interaction as well. Long lasting friendship will be forged, and meaningful memories will be passed along to be shared and not forgotten.

Activity #3: Reenactments

Step back in time and visit a reenactment in your area. Walk among those who lived in an entirely different time. Witness a battle, speak to the people recreating the event. What a fantastic way to be there and get a true flavor of a time long since passed.

Activity #4: See the Stars!

Visit a planetarium for a trip to the stars! Educational, fun and fascinating, all from the comfort of a reclining chair! What a perfect activity for those seeking a fabulous time, without a whole lot of walking.

Activity #5: Go Berry Picking

Why not visit an orchard and pick your own fruit? What a fabulous way to spend an afternoon. Fresh air and sunshine while enjoying the sights and smells of fruit all around. And, once you have finished picking all your fruit, your home schoolers can enjoy making jams, or pies, cakes or pastries, all with the pride and satisfaction that they picked the fruit, straight from the orchard.

Activity 6: Offer Thanks

In these times of struggle and hardship, why not spend an afternoon offering cheer to those less fortunate. Visit a homeless shelter or food bank and share some words and thoughts of thanks and comfort for those most in need. How wonderful a gesture, how wonderful a deed. your home schoolers will know they helped to make a difference in someone's life and learn the lessons of caring and sharing, in one rewarding day.

Activity #7: Visit a Newsroom

Visit your local newsroom to offer your home schoolers an inside view into the workings of a news program. From the news desk to the anchors, the green screen to the board operators, your home schoolers will observe first hand all that is required to bring you the news.

Make a Difference

Home school group activities offer you the opportunity to make a difference in a positive meaningful way. Do you have a great idea to share? If so, be sure to visit the comments section below.


Professional experience: educational consultant, curriculum designer

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