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Colors in Italian: Language Lesson Plan

By Jacqueline Chinappi

In these series of article we will talk about ways and activities you can teach your children without having to put money into expensive classes or tutoring lessons. You do not even need to know the Italian language yourself! In this lesson we will learn about colors.


Perhaps it is too expensive to get that private tutor and it may even be too expensive to have your child join a language group or class. Here we will look at different ways you can take on teaching your child the Italian language, even if you do not know the language yourself.

These activities will help children understand and know the basic words, especially everyday household items and everyday phrases and words. After these lessons your child will have learned colors, the alphabet, numbers, animals, family members, parts of the body, common outside items, common household items, and common phrases.

I Colori: The Colors

1. Print out worksheet 1 from media files, which will show the basic colors, how to say it in Italian and how to say it in English. This worksheet is to be cut on the lines and made into index cards. This is how you will start teaching your child the Italian colors. Place the card near items of the same color so that your child gets a visual view of what he or she is learning.

2. After you have practiced with the index cards, go to I Colori Per I Bambini (see References) where the child will learn how to pronounce each color correctly in the Italian language.

3. In our next activity you will print out worksheet 2 from media files which will only have the names of the colors in Italian. The worksheet is to be cut on the lines and handed to the child. The child will now walk around the room trying to place the Italian colors on the correct colors. So for a card that says “Giallo” the child may place the card next to a banana, because Giallo is Yellow.

4. The next activity will not use any index cards at all. Ask the child the questions found on worksheet 3 from media files. These questions will ask the child to find different colored items. Most of the question is in English, only the color is in Italian.

After this lesson children will be able to recognize and pronounce the basic colors in the Italian language. Our next lesson will focus on the Italian alphabet.

Worksheets 1 and 3 can also be printed from this file, which will allow you to change the size of the printout.