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First-Grade Math Activities: A Printable Class Worksheet

By Deidra Alexander

Teach your first graders how to compare numbers, tell time, identify shapes, work with proportions, and skip count with these math activities to utilize today. You can print this page as a worksheet for the class.

Taking Advantage of Teachable Moments

You may not have realized it but just about any activity that a child performs on a daily basis is usable for meaningful teaching. First-grade math activities get kids into the habit of solving everyday problems, which is a task that will go on for the rest of their lives, becoming more complex as they do more and see more. It makes sense to get them started early on in their educational career, at home and at school. Copy or paste these activities into another document to edit or download for printing.


Fill in the blanks counting by 5 to 50.

________ _________ _________ _________ _______ 30 ________ ________ ______ _______

Four friends decide at the start of the school year to see how many flips they can do each month at recess. Who had the most flips?

Click here to download a full-size version of the chart below.


Comparing Numbers

In each set, which number is greater?

7 ________2

1 ________ 3

16 _______ 15

0 ________6

Less than <, greater >, or equal to =?

65 _____ 100 13 _____ 71 4 _____ 4

Can you fill in the missing numbers?

_____, ______, _____, _____, 89, ______, ______ , 92

Are there more triangles or squares?

Triangle1  triangle2 triangle3 Square 

Math With Pictures

candycane  plussign oranges 

Simple Word Problems


Timothy and Brie went to the corner store for some treats. Their mother gave money them to buy six treats for everyone at home to enjoy. Brie brought four popsicles to the counter to buy. How many popsicles does Timothy need to bring to the counter?


Today is the fourth day of the week and my sister said that church is 3 days away. What day will you be going to church?


My aunt and I bought 5 new movies last night. 4 of those movies are mine. How many movies belong to my aunt? Write your answer as a fraction.

Identifying Shapes

Place a check next to the cone.







Days of the Week (Telling Time)

Place an X next to the day before Friday.

Monday _____

Saturday ____

Thursday _____

Wednesday _____


Which coin is the quarter?

quarterback nickel 

How much is a dime worth?

______ .10

______ .01

______ .25

How many dimes and how many nickels do you need to make 1 quarter? (use real money for manipulation)


Which length would be a hairpin?

_______11 inches

_______ 2 inch

How many cups are in a pint?




How many inches are in a foot?




How many 1/4 inches are in a whole inch?

4 _____



How tall is a telephone pole?

30 feet _____

20 inches _____

3 yards _____

Supplemental First-Grade Math Activities

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