Irish Myths & Legends: Lesson Plan

By Sarah Degnan Moje

March is a great time of year to take a look at Irish culture and history. In this lesson, students will explore myths and legends of Ireland. Includes a downloadable power point.

Ireland March often seems like one of the longest months for educators. The weather changes from winter to spring to winter at a day’s notice and students and teachers both need a quick pick me up to get through the grey days. What's the solution? Spend a week on the Emerald Isle, at least in your classrooms. These lessons introduce different topics just in time for Saint Patrick’s Day to produce a classroom full of Irish Imps, happy to learn.

Myths & Legends

No examination of Ireland is complete without first becoming familiar with the myths and legends that surround the mist shrouded island. From the ancient Druids and Celtic societies to the conversion of the people to Christianity, Ireland is full of myths detailing the powers of magic, mysterious beings and fairies who are bent on stirring up trouble every chance they get. And of course, one needs to learn how to spot that most famous of all Irish ghosts, the Banshee in all of her spectral forms.

This downloadable power point can be used in Social Studies, Literacy or just about any class period to introduce students to the foremost Irish myths and legends. Once the magical terms have been taught, put students in groups and have them “research" and create a poster about their topic. It should include a drawing of their creature or person, a fact sheet about the assigned topic and should be on display in the classroom all during March while you take time to study Ireland.

Once students have that project done, you are ready to begin a look into the Irish culture, just in time to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day!