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President Pierce Webquest

By Sarah Degnan Moje

Learn about our nation's 14th president, Franklin Pierce, with this webquest.

President Pierce Content Questions

  1. franklin pierce To what party did Franklin Pierce belong?

  1. What state was Pierce from?

  1. How many terms did Pierce serve?

  1. What happened to his three children?

  1. What did Pierce do to excess?

  1. Who died six weeks after Pierce’s inauguration?

  1. What would the Kansas-Nebraska Act do?

  1. Did Pierce support the Kansas-Nebraska Act?

  1. Who spoke out against the Kansas-Nebraska Act?

  1. Did Pierce run for a second term?


  1. Democrat
  1. New Hampshire
  1. One
  1. They all died
  1. Drink
  1. The vice president
  1. Let states decide for themselves if they want to be slave or free
  1. Yes
  1. Lincoln
  1. No