President Lincoln Webquest

By Sarah Degnan Moje

President Abraham Lincoln is well known as the president who was in office during the American Civil War. But what else do your students know about the 16th president of the United States? Have them complete this fun webquest to learn more!

President Lincoln Content Questions

Abraham Lincoln November 1863 

  1. To what party did Lincoln belong?

  1. What state was Lincoln from?

  1. How many terms did Lincoln serve?

  1. What was the one thing people could not do to Lincoln?

  1. What did Lincoln suffer from?

  1. What were Lincoln’s two nicknames?

  1. What was Lincoln’s major goal?

  1. Where were the 1st shots of the Civil War fired?

  1. What completely defined Lincoln’s presidency?

  1. Lincoln was the 1st president to do what?


  1. Republican
  1. Illinois
  1. One full term, one partial term before he was killed.
  1. Ignore him
  1. Sadness, depression
  1. Honest Abe; Railsplitter
  1. Preserve the Union
  1. Fort Sumter, South Carolina
  1. The Civil War
  1. Make Thanksgiving a national holiday and pardon a turkey.