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Special Ed Information for Teachers & Parents

Today’s classrooms are changing rapidly. An increasing number of identified students are educated within the mainstream school system. Laws governing the education of students, including those with disabilities, impact the funding of schools as well as what subjects are taught. Technological advances are often at war with shrinking school budgets, resulting in difficult budgetary choices that can seem at odds with governmental demands to raise educational standards. Indeed, parents, teachers and school communities face complex questions and issues regarding special education in the 21st century.

This area of Bright Hub Education strives to introduce both teachers and parents to the diverse topic of special education, covering a wide range of learning strengths and weaknesses, from neurological disorders, to gifted students, to learning disabilities, to physical impairments. There are articles on that cover the principals of IDEA (the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act), FAPE (Free and Appropriate Education), and LRE (Least Restrictive Environment). There are modified lesson plans for teachers, and advice and resources for parents on how to work with the school system to meet the educational needs of their child. All articles are written and vetted by experienced voices within the education system, including professors, special ed teachers and assistance, and parents of special needs children. We look forward to working together to make this area a trusted source of information on the technology and issues that affect the future of our children.

Teaching Students with Emotional & Behavioral Disorders

Tips & Strategies for Teaching the Gifted Student

Teaching Students with Hearing Impairments

Special Education Law: IDEA, IEPs, 504s, CSEs & Planning

Inclusion Strategies for Mainstreamed Classrooms

Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities

Teaching Students with Neurological Disorders

Teaching Students with Physical Disabilities

Parenting a Special Education Student

Teaching Students with Speech Disorders

Teaching Students with Visual Impairments